Artist’s Statement

From the time of my earliest canvasses to the present, the challenge  of selecting a few flowers or everyday objects with which to make a painting has been a necessary inspiration.

The gray sunlight of a Paris cityscape or the clouds and sea of Brittany alike inspired me to examine light and composition in a painting.

However, I quickly found it necessary to get away from objective painting and to find a greater liberty to interpret reality.

In my paintings, drawings, or collages, I insist on discovering a variety of techniques not only for the pure challenge but also for the pleasure of surprising the curious observer.  The result I hope is the sheer pleasure of seeing … each adventure an imprint of brushstroke and color.

In homage to my drawing teacher Hannah Ben-Dov, who warned me to not be theatrical, but rather to be guided by an instantaneous charm, I quote her words, “ what I’m looking for is a shorter moment than the present.” Isn’t this, after all, the moment of reality?

Drawing enables this rapidity … Even in painting, I attempt to capture it.

“The artist only half believes in the reality of words.”  In my artwork, the colors talk perfectly enough among themselves without words.

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